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The 22nd Annual Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive occurs during an important time when most school lunch programs are suspended for the summer months, leaving millions of children short of nutritious food the need to grow and learn. Not only that this year many Americans will be hit especially hard since funding for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Programs (SNAP) was cut drastically by congress in 2012. The average household of 4 can lose up to $83 if all the cuts are implemented.      










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The Letter Carriers’ 22nd Annual Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive

"I volunteer as a driver for LCS  every year because a lot of families are having a tough time in this economy. Every can of food, every box of cereal, sac of beans, bag of rice, cup of noodles helps send our kids to school with a full tummy, so all they have to worry about is learning and not hunger.”  -David Cardenas,
Teamsters Local 848.


20th Annual Spring Project
April  15-16, 2014 

Food Drive 
May 10-31, 2014

Community Services Regional Conference

June 25-29, 2014



Labor Day 
September 7, 2014

November 15,  2014

Turkeys & Toys
November/ December 2014

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