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Unfairness in the workplace can take many different forms. We have listed some of the best employment attorneys to help with your on the job legal dispute.

Workplace Discrimination

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If you are a victim of employer discrimination, the Houston Employment Lawyers can help. You may have a workplace discrimination claim if you can show that your supervisor’s actions were in any way connected to your race, sexual orientation, age, gender, national origin, or some other protected characteristic.

Racial Discrimination

The EEOC Guidelines say that “national origin” discrimination occurs when are treated differently because of a cultural, linguistic, or physical characteristic that you were born with as a result of where you came from. If you believe that you have been treated differently by your employer because of national origin discrimination, then you should contact an employment attorney in Houston immediately.

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Employee Retaliation

Many times employees are fired from their job as an act of retaliation. This can be your employer’s way of “getting back at you” for something that you did, or for revealing an unsafe or unethical practice that was taking place at your job site.

In most cases, this is illegal, and an employment lawyer can help you file a claim with the EEOC, or with the Texas Workforce Commission Civil Rights Division.

Texas Whistleblower Act

Retaliation happens when an employee claims that he or she is not being treated fairly, and then they get fired. In this case, you may not actually have a claim for retaliation. Being treated unfairly in the workplace is not always illegal. Contact a labor attorney to discuss the details of your situation.

Wage & Hour Laws

It’s important that you are aware of how your wages are calculated. Otherwise, there will be no way forĀ  you to verify that your paycheck is accurate. You should also be keenly aware of how many hours you have worked in a pay period. Again, this allows you to verify that you are being paid appropriately. Additionally, it is important for you to consider whether you have been paid for overtime hours worked in a given pay period.

Unpaid Overtime

According to state and federal law, all overtime worked must be duly compensated. The Fair Labor Standards Act (federal), and Texas law states that you are legally entitled to overtime wages.

If you work more than 40 hrs in a work week, you may be entitled to receive 1.5 hrs per each over time hour worked. If you are not getting paid for overtime, then your employer may be violating federal law. Keep in mind that the FLSA has strict timelines governing when your claim must be filed, so it is important for you to act in a timely manner.

Texas Payday Law

This statute discourages employers from withholding wages. This law allows you to enforce your rights without having to go to court (you file with the Texas Workforce Commission). This lets you get your wages paid faster. Keep in mind that this law does not apply to contractors, only employees. More info on about page.

Wrongful Termination

Do you need to file a claim for wrongful termination with the Texas Workforce Commission Civil Rights division or the EEOC? If you h ave been unethically terminated from your job, then the Houston Employment Attorneys can help you file a claim and get the compensation that you deserve.

File a Complaint Against Your Employer

Filing a complaint is more than just sharing with your friends, family, or co-workers the thought or feeling that you are being discriminated against. There is an official process that qualifies as “filing a complaint.”

If you don’t file correctly, then you will not have a charge of discrimination to act upon. The fist step is that you must express to your manager & supervisor that you are being discriminated against on the basis of your race, sex, gender, national origin, age, or some other protected characteristic.

If you don’t do that, then you may lose your opportunity to file any lawsuit in the future.

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