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Our website has been published to help people in the Houston, Texas area who feel that they have been treated unfairly by their employer. If you feel that your employer has acted illegally towards you, then you should contact one of the attorneys featured  on our website.

Labor Law Blog

The Texas Payday Law was passed to discourage employers from withholding wages from employees.

Under the law, employees can enforce their claims for unpaid wages without having to go to court. – From Texas Payday Law – Employment Lawyers Blog

Recommended Attorneys

In order to provide a valuable community service, we like to list attorneys in the Houston area who are able to perform legal services for our website readers.

Houston Criminal Attorney

If you find yourself accused of a crime in Texas, then you will be facing one of the largest criminal justice systems in the world, which is funded by one of the world’s leading economies.

For this reason we recommend The Law Office of Daniel Lazarine, PLLC (map below).

This Houston law firm is owned by former Galveston county prosecutor, Daniel Lazarine, who is now one of the leading criminal attorneys in Houston, Tx. His office became famous for the “drink, drive, go to jail” ad campaign that was a viral YouTube video. Call Mr. Lazarine today if you would like legal representation in a criminal defense matter.