How Much Does A DWI Lawyer Cost in Baton Rouge, LA?

Baton Rouge DWI Lawyer Cost

The term “driving while intoxicated” has at least three meanings in Baton Rouge. First, it is defined as operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol or controlled dangerous substance drugs. It also means driving a vehicle when your blood alcohol content is over .08%. You can also be charged with a DWI for being under the influence of a combination of alcohol and non-controlled dangerous substances.

DUI Attorney – Baton Rouge

The penalties for driving under the influence of alcohol are harsher for people found with a blood alcohol level over .15 or .20. Harsher penalties are also given to repeat offenders. However, when you re-offend the third time it becomes a felony.  A first offense and second offense are misdemeanor crimes.

An experienced DWI lawyer may help reduce the severity of any punishment.

Penalties for DWI Summary

First Offense DWI Louisiana

For a first offense (misdemeanor) you may get up to six months in jail but the mandatory minimum sentence is 10 days jail time.  A first offense fine is $300 to $1000 plus all the associated court costs. You will spend 48 hours in jail or depending on the court get two years probation. Apart from that, you have to go through 30 hours of re-education and 32 hours of community service. Even harsher penalties are given people with a blood alcohol level or BAC that is over .15 or over .20.

Second offense DWI

A second offense just like a first offense is considered a misdemeanor.  The fine amount is $750 to $1000 and there is a 48 hour jail sentence that cannot be suspended. You will also get a penalty of 30 day community service and a re-education penalty.  A BAC of over .15 or over .20 can lead to you spending 96 hours in jail and paying a higher fine. The sentences get ever harsher if there is also a charge of vehicular homicide or negligent injury.

Felony DWI Louisiana

Third Offense (Felony)

The law considers a third offense as a felony, which means higher or harsher penalties.  You will be fined $2000 with a jail sentence of one to five years with or without hard labor. Additionally, you will have to serve one year without suspension of sentence.  The court will hand you 30 days of community service and the prosecutor may seize your car and sell it.

Fourth offense and Further DWI Offenses

Just like a DWI third offense, a fourth offense and further DWI offenses are classed as felonies in the law.  You will get a fine of $5000, a minimum 10 year prison sentence to a maximum of 30 years imprisonment. You must serve two years of the sentence without suspension or parole and at least one year home incarceration.  You may also serve 40 days of community service and the court may seize your vehicle and sell it. There will be additional penalties if there was a violation of child endangerment laws.

To avoid all these penalties, shun driving while intoxicated but don’t hesitate to hire the services of a skilled lawyer who specializes in Louisiana DWI laws.