10 Best Houston Business Litigation Lawyers

Houston Business Litigation Attorneys

Houston, Texas is known as the business and energy capital of the United States. That’s why there is so much need for a quality business litigation attorney in Houston.

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Walter Law Firm, PC

Teri Walter is board certified in civil trial law and the firm represents clients in the following areas: contracts, leases, real estate and construction, disputes between business owners, negligence, collections, landlord and tenant disputes, deceptive trade practices fraud, conversion and other civil law claims.

busienss litigation attorney houstonWalter Law Firm, PC handles…

  • Commercial Litigation
  • Real Estate Litigation
  • Contracts Law
  • LLC Asset Protection
  • Contracts & Leases
  • Construction
  • Real Estate & Title Disputes
  • Collections
  • Deceptive Trade Practices

If you need an attorney to hep with a business legal matter, especially litigation, then call attorney Terry Walter. PrevailLawyers.com

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Business Litigation Law Firm Reviews

Google Review from C. Bonn

Teri has handled all of my business legal needs for 10+ years. Teri has dominated every situation that arises and ensures that our company is protected at all times. I only recommend Teri Walter as an attorney, you will regret not having the Walter Law Firm fighting for you.

Holmes Law, PLLC

Your business assets need to be protected, and your personal assets need to be shielded from the liabilities that arise in common business transactions. With each business venture, there are a multitude of Federal, State, and Local legal concerns that must be addressed if your business is going to succeed in Texas.

The Houston business attorneys at Holmes Law, PLLC strive to treat every client like family. We operate under three guiding principles: Honor, Commitment, and Integrity. HoustonBusinessLawyers.net

Lloyd & Mousilli, Attorneys and Counselors at Law

The financial wellbeing and security of a business are crucial in a commercial legal dispute. The goal is to maintain the bottom line of your business. Therefore, hiring the best commercial litigation lawyer in Houston is one of the most important decisions you can make. A commercial litigation attorney will give you sound advice and information to help you have a better understanding of the law, resolving legal disputes, and breach of contract. At Lloyd & Mousilli, we help businesses navigate the confusing legal landscape to run a successful business. lloydmousilli.com

Walston Bowlin

Too many business litigation law firms offer a “one-size-fits-all” approach to legal disputes. At Walston Bowlin, we realize each client, case, and situation is completely unique. Our creative and hands on approach has helped us obtain successful outcomes for a wide variety of clients across the country, on behalf of and against some of the largest corporations in America. walstonbowlin.com

Lubel Voyles LLP

In today’s highly competitive business environment, commercial litigation is a ubiquitous part of the landscape. If your business needs to defend a claim, or if you believe that another party may have breached an agreement, engaged in fraud, or committed acts of unfair competition, you need a law firm with a wide array of skills. The Houston commercial litigation attorneys at Lubel Voyles, LLP are well-versed in representing both plaintiffs and defendants. Working together as a tightly knit team, our legal professionals can represent your business in a variety of matters in the state courts of Texas or other states, federal courts, mediation, arbitration, or other forums. We can help you seek monetary damages, an injunction, specific performance, a declaratory judgment, or other appropriate remedies. LubelVoyles.com

The Cobos Law Firm

As commercial litigation attorneys in Houston, we cover an array of business disputes. From breach of contract and class actions to patent infringement and disputes between partners, we have a plethora of litigation experience. Commercial litigation occurs in a wide variety of venues and jurisdictions. Depending on the details of the case, it may take place in state or federal courts, in private arbitration, or in administrative hearings. 

With such a broad nature, it is crucial to seek out a commercial litigation lawyer with specific experience in business law. At the Cobos Law Firm, lead commercial litigator Andrew Cobos has an MBA and has firsthand experience running businesses, both independently and as a partnership. Moreover, our Houston commercial litigation attorneys represent clients in complex matters and are ready to fight for you. Cobos.Law

The Buzbee Law Firm

When your business is in a lawsuit, whether as plaintiff or defendant, time is crucial. A lawsuit saps time, energy and money. Every month that goes by means more distraction to you and your employees. And, if you are paying your lawyers by the hour, every month also brings a continually larger legal bill, with new people billing (many of whom have never tried a case), increasing rates and other spiraling costs. And you are still no closer to conclusion. Or, if your business has a claim, you may find that no traditional firm will handle the case except on an hourly basis, at rates that you simply can’t afford. At the same time, those attorneys might have little actual trial experience. TXAttorneys.com

Bailey Cowan Heckaman

BCH has had much success in the past 30 years representing individuals, corporations, and municipalities in commercial litigation cases. Lawsuits involving professional negligence and business transactions can be exceedingly complex, research-heavy, and require meticulously crafted opinions and written arguments. In other words, it is crucial that you have a seasoned commercial litigation attorney in your corner when your most critical interests are at stake. BCHLaw.com

Arnold & Itkin Trial Lawyers

When commercial transactions go wrong, when massive companies commit fraud or unethical practices, or when commercial entities wrong our clients in any way, they call Arnold & Itkin. Our firm is a relentless advocate for people or businesses that have been unfairly or wrongfully treated. As a result, we’ve secured over $10 billion for our clients—helping them recover from enormous financial setbacks.

We prepare every case as if it’s going to trial. We consult experts, depose witnesses, and demand information from the individuals, companies, and professionals who harmed our clients. Then we bring it all together, using innovative techniques to clarify complex problems before judges, juries, and arbitration panels. This gives us a position of strength at the negotiating table and allows us to win in the courtroom if a fair settlement cannot be reached. No matter how big our opponent or how outnumbered our team may be, we pour everything we have into winning. No matter what. ArnoldItkin.com

Business Litigation Attorneys FAQ

How much does a business litigation lawyer cost?

Some business litigation attorneys work on a contingency fee. This typically means that you pay nothing unless you win. Other business litigation lawyers work on a set pay schedule, hourly rate, or flat fee basis. The fee will typically change depending on the nature and complexity of your legal matter. Give one of the lawyers on this page a call to discuss attorneys fees.

Is a litigator the same as a lawyer?

Generally speaking yes. Most attorneys practice either transactional law, or litigation. Litigators typically sue people in court over legal disputes. Whereas transactional lawyers are often swamped with paperwork, just pushing papers all day. Most litigators will tell you that transactional lawyers never go to court and are not even real lawyers. That's not true, but that's what they say.

Should I hire a business litigation attorney for fraud?

If you have a business fraud situation, then it is a good idea to consult with a business litigation law firm to discuss the details of your case.